Imperial Forum

Participants will be accompanied by the voice of Piero Angela and the magnificent reconstruction of the places as they appeared, through multimedia technologies, at Cesare's era. Audio guides in 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese).

Meeting Point

@TRAJAN'S FORUM for Caesar Forum/ @Via Alessandrina for Augustus forum

From 1 November to 12 Noveber: 07.00pm - 8.00pm - 9.00pm (Cesar forum)
From 1 November to 12 Noveber: 06.20pm - 10.00pm (Augustus forum)


The Show

To attend the show within the Caesar's Forum, access will take place through the staircase next to the Trajan Column. The audience will then cross Trajan's Forum on a specially-made walkway and will walk through the underground gallery of the Imperial Forums, open for the first time from the end of the excavations of the last century. The story of Piero Angela, accompanied by reconstructions and footage, will start from the history of excavations made for the construction of Via dei Fori Imperiali, when an army of 1500 bricklayers, workers and workers was mobilized for an unprecedented operation: Soil the entire neighborhood and deepen the entire area to reach the level of ancient Rome. Then you will enter the living of the story from the remains of the majestic Temple of Venus, wanted by Julius Caesar after his victory over Pompey and will be able to relive the emotion of life in Rome when officials, plebeian, military, matron, consuls Senators walked under the arcades of the Forum. The visit will try to recall the role of the Forum in the life of the Romans but also the figure of Julius Caesar. To accomplish this great work, Caesar had to expropriate and demolish a whole neighborhood and the total cost was 100 million auras, equivalent to at least 300 million euros. He also wanted the new seat of the Roman Senate, the Curia, to be built next to its Forum. A building that still exists and that, through a virtualization of reconstruction, it will be possible to review what it looked like at the time. In those years, while the power of Rome grew inequality, the Senate had weakened and in this situation of internal crisis Cesare managed to obtain exceptional and perpetual powers. Thanks to Piero Angela's story, this intelligent and ambitious man, idolized by some, hated and feared by others, will be able to get to know more closely.

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- Wireless audio headsets (languages: ITA/ENG/FRA/RUS/ESP/JAP/DET/CIN).

Adults € 18,00
Reduct € 13,00

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