The Museum represents the archeological site of the Forum from the north: for this reason, at ground floor of the Great Hall is expected to be introduced to the visit of the entire forensics through a dedicated multimedia and through some rooms devoted to the individual Fori, each symbolized by a particularly significant piece. At the upper floor of the Hall, two sections are dedicated respectively to the Caesar's Forum and to the "Memory of the Ancient", theme faced by sculptures and architectural elements pertaining to the Temple of Mars Ultore, already known and reproduced from the fifteenth century onwards. Always at the same level, the itinerary continues in the halls of the Central Corps dedicated to the architectural-sculptural decoration of the arcades, the esedre and the room of the Colosso of the Forum of Augusto. There are also loans and kits of non-preserved materials in Rome, sometimes known only by imitations made for provincial capitals of little success.

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@Via IV Novembre 94 
SCHEDULE: from 09.30 AM to 07.30 PM

Guided Tour Supplement (on request): € 90.00 per hour.

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